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AWS SAM CLI で sam deploy 時に notification-arns を指定する

SAM CLI の sam deploy コマンドは単に aws cloudformation deploy コマンドのエイリアスに過ぎないので、普通に notification-arns を指定できる。

stack の更新状態を Email とか Lambda + Slack 連携とかで通知したいみたいなときにコンソールいじらなくてよくて便利です。


samcli/commands/deploy/init.py: aws-sam-cli/init.py at b6daabdcbc54af311a7a9c582e2429d3e622dcf5 · awslabs/aws-sam-cli

""" CLI command for "deploy" command """ import click from samcli.cli.main import pass_context, common_options from samcli.lib.samlib.cloudformation_command import execute_command SHORT_HELP = "Deploy an AWS SAM application. This is an alias for 'aws cloudformation deploy'." @click.command("deploy", short_help=SHORT_HELP, context_settings={"ignore_unknown_options": True}) @click.argument("args", nargs=-1, type=click.UNPROCESSED) @common_options @pass_context def cli(ctx, args): # All logic must be implemented in the ``do_cli`` method. This helps with easy unit testing do_cli(args) # pragma: no cover def do_cli(args): execute_command("deploy", args)

samcli/lib/samlib/cloudformation.py: aws-sam-cli/cloudformation_command.py at b6daabdcbc54af311a7a9c582e2429d3e622dcf5 · awslabs/aws-sam-cli

""" Utility to call cloudformation command with args """ import logging import platform import subprocess import sys LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__) def execute_command(command, args): LOG.debug("%s command is called", command) try: aws_cmd = 'aws' if platform.system().lower() != 'windows' else 'aws.cmd' subprocess.check_call([aws_cmd, 'cloudformation', command] + list(args)) LOG.debug("%s command successful", command) except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e: # Underlying aws command will print the exception to the user LOG.debug("Exception: %s", e) sys.exit(e.returncode)

まあそもそも sam deploy --help とすると以下のように表示され、cloudformation deploy のヘルプを参照してね、と出てくるのですけどね...。 教訓: help はちゃんと読みましょう。

Usage: sam deploy [OPTIONS] [ARGS]... The sam deploy command creates a Cloudformation Stack and deploys your resources. e.g. sam deploy --template-file packaged.yaml --stack-name sam-app --capabilities CAPABILITY_IAM This is an alias for aws cloudformation deploy. To learn about other parameters you can use, run aws cloudformation deploy help.

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