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仕事の基礎英語を見ながら気になったフレーズをメモ (1)

  • No. The director says that the impact of this change will be minimal since he only needs to make some revisions to the narration.
  • minumal: 多少の影響
  • minuscule: ほぼ影響ない
  • A company is going to merge with B company.
  • We are here at A company and just found out that there will be a merger with B Company soon.
    • 伝えたい内容は後半の there will be 句なので自制の一致が破られる
  • We have ordered some work from them, but we have not signed any contract or paid anything. There will be no legl repercussions if we cancel the work, right?
  • repercussions: 波紋・余波(語源 - cuss: 叩く)
  • This has bad repercussions.: これは(あとに)響く。
  • With all due respect: 恐縮ですが
  • it turned out => 隠された状態がターンして中身が見えるので「明らかになる」という意味を持つ
  • would you be open to -ing: 〜ということにしてもよいですか?
  • it doesn't match the product: 製品にあっていない(あっていないが、お前が悪いという印象を与えない)
  • We have an interview request that would be great PR => will be だと確信をもって「良いPRになる」 とつたえることいになる
    • We have <******> request という表現も良いな〜
  • We can't give you too much more information at this stage
    • at this stage => 現時点では
  • Trust me, it will be a helpful, cutting-edge product.
    • cutting-edge product => 最先端の

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